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New products-GPS Deep Drilling Solid Carbide Guide Pads

June 26,2023


The tribological conditions during gun drilling between the guide pad surfaces and the wall of the hole being drilled are far more severe than those during other applications. To ease this harsh condition and maximize guide pad life, it is crucial to use cutting fluids with high lubricity in order to prevent dry rubbing and seizure at the burnishing contact areas.

For these reasons, straight cutting oils have long been preferred among manufacturers in gundrilling operations for its high lubricity.

However, in today’s environmental conscious machining, the call for eco-friendly water emulsifiable oils, more commonly known as soluble oils, are increasing over conventional petroleum-based coolants. These soluble oils have lower lubricity than straight oils and can adversely affect the guide pad quality during gundrilling.

To meet this challenge, Zhuzhou Lifa Cemented Carbide industrial Co Ltd. has the grade which with excellent chipping resistance and coating adhesion by using its own cemented  carbide base material , which prolongs life by suppressing sudden defects, especially in a water soluble environment and in exotic materials. The double chamfer at the edge of the guide pad helps smooth entry into the machining hole, prevents premature wear, reduces the risk of guide pad damage, and improves surface finish by minimizing the risk of scratching the hole surface.

It can offer the outstanding fracture resistance in oil and water-soluble environments • Adopting a double chamfer greatly reduces the risk of chipping when entering a machined hole *

Double chamfer feature will also apply to other existing grades in the future


Guide pads Guide pads are subject to wear, like inserts - Each guide pad can be used on two sides. When the first corner wears out 70% of the width, reverse the guide pad to use the second corner. - Replace with a new guide pad when the second corner wears out.

We Specialize in Carbide Deep Hole Drilling Inserts and GPS deep drilling solid carbide guide pads for Industrial Grooving and threading projects.

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