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Zhuzhou Lifa Cemented Carbide Industrial CO.,LTD Participated in Shanxi Automation and Machine Tool Exhibition 2023

Time : 2023-06-17 Hits : 7

China (Shanxi) Industrial Expo/China (Shanxi) Automation and Machine Tool Exhibition was held in Taiyuan, Shanxi on June 16, with more than 280 exhibitors from the domestic high-end industrial sector. 

CNC machine tools, industrial robots, laser equipment and other modern industrial equipment have become the main exhibits on display, and are also the main docking exhibits for the same period to discuss procurement activities. In this year's exhibition, the number of exhibitors involved in the above products reached 70%.


The exposition period for June 16-18, the first day the number of visitors has exceeded 12,000 people, the total number of visitors is expected to exceed 30,000 people during the session.

Zhuzhou Lifa carefully prepared with a super level of high performance newly developed carbide inserts. Ingenious design and precision cutting accuracy of materials has attracted many domestic customers to watch and consultation to discuss. It is a harvest tour of the exhibition. We brought back a lot of valuable advises from end users and dealers.